[CT Birds] Connecticut's first chase-able White-winged Dove

Mark Szantyr birddog55 at Charter.net
Fri Feb 23 20:26:54 EST 2007

First let me thank Roy, Nick, Jamie, and all of the folks that are making this discussion list possible.  I think it will greatly improve the Connecticut birding scene and should prove to be a boat-load of fun.

Anyway, I saw the White-winged Dove in Branford today.  There has been some concern voiced as to the origin of the dove based on its toe damage and the condition of its bill.  I have banded many Mourning Doves in Connecticut, and many of those have been in the winter.  A good number of them show similar damage to the toes and many banders believe that this is attributable to frost-bite.  Likewise, the bill looks to me as if it has a fungal growth, this condition often related to birds undergoing stress.  The rear toes of the bird have the nails long and intact and the feathers are not worn beyond what is normal in a wild bird.  I do not believe that there is much need for concern as to the origin of this bird.  It is an increasingly regular wanderer away from its southern range, following a similar pattern of expansion as shown by Eurasioan Collared Dove.  Unlike the collared dove, many White-winged Doved are being recorded in the northeast and seveal have been in winter.

Can any cage-bird enthusiasts add info as to the popularity of this species in captivity?  Any bird scientists care to offer an idea as to the apparent bill problem?  If anyone would like to see a photo, I have some available.

Anyway, again thanks for this great discussion list and I hope this note breaks the ice for further comment. 


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