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Hi Clay, all:
	I would like to second Clay's suggestion of sending in Fox Sparrow and other significant sightings to eBird.  I have been excited about the as of yet unrealized potential of eBird since this project started.  Imagine how powerful a tool this could be for conservation planning and ornithological data if we all entered our data into this database.  Eventually, record of all of the key locations of conservation concern and sightings of significant ornithological importance (early, late or major occurrences) would unfold before our eyes.  If we wanted to know where the most important spots for Blue-winged Warbler, Bobolink or Wood Thrush were, we could sort the list for June sightings, find out which sites need more protection or management etc., and have a lot more information on which to base conservation actions.   This will be like a spatially explicit all Christmas Bird Count all of the time and could form a strong foundation not only for a new breeding bird atlas, but an overall bird occurrence atlas for all seasons.  Combine this with the new technology for habitat modeling and remote sensing of on the ground conditions from lidar data, and satellite or aerial photography, and we are at the cusp of a new age of information for conservation planning and ornithological information.

	I just completed a list of the bird species of conservation concern in Connecticut, but just as it was completed came word that a new national WatchList is in the works.  I will have to revise the Connecticut list based on this information, but will be happy to share the results once it is revised.  

	Along these lines, keep an eye out for a new project using eBird to track certain birds of conservation concern using eBird for this coming nesting season...more to follow.  

Finally, to add to the list of Fox Sparrow sightings, 3 in my yard on Friday and 4 roadside near Great Island in Lyme on Sunday.  I will be adding these to eBird.  


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Hi all - 

OK, I walked the walk and reported my two Roadside Fox Sparrows to eBird, in addition to the other residents of the thicket.    It was painless - setup and execution took no more than 5 minutes using the Google Maps feature.   I also logged in the ducks on Johnson Mill Pond and yesterday's phoebe in my yard.

Greg H. said "a new list that has reports from all around the state inspiring others to report what they've 
seen, and you get what is probably (to date) the biggest and quickest 
assessment of a bird event ever in Connecticut (now that I think of it right 
while I'm typing). As someone who compiles seasonal field notes, I see a new 
era of information dawning right before my eyes. "

Twenty years ago, I did the Field Records for the CT Warbler, compiling from handwritten reports submitted by birders from across the state.   I know EXACTLY what Greg is referring to.

Let's all help take it to the next level - everybody that saw a Fox Sparrow in CT this weekend submit the record to eBird http://ebird.org/content/ .    Weeks from now, Greg can simply call up all the records and "track" the number and duration of Fox Sparrows as they moved through the state.    In point of fact, I saw John Fitzpatrick of Cornell Lab show an "animated map" of Fox Sparrow winter records from a few years ago, and it was really neat watching the "Red Wave" come south, pause, and head back north again.    Heck, there is probably a way to animate our little Fox Sparrow Invasion and link it to the COA website.    Anybody?

Clay Taylor
Moodus, CT
ctaylor at att.net
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