[CT Birds] woodcock in towns

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Mon Mar 19 13:01:07 EDT 2007

 Woodcock are now being seen in towns and suburban areas for some of the following reasons:

They can only feed from mud and open water, where they can get access to worms and other forms of
life. When snow and ice cover the ground, they look for these open water areas wherever to be
found. Roadside ditches, open water from streams and pond edges etc. BUT:...
 When these areas are scarce, they often mistake dark wet roads as streams or open water. This is
why Woodcock,( and some other ground seeking birds, such as Robins) are observed occasionally
along open plowed roads and driveways. With luck, some of these plowed areas might eventually
expose soil at their edges, with the chance of finding food there. if not...........?

Paul Carrier   

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