[CT Birds] fox sparrow and other stuff

RUTH STGERMAINE rstgermaine at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 19 17:38:51 EDT 2007

Hi everyone, when i got home today i noticed another fox sparrow here,so that's a total of 2 for me so far. the most i think i have had is 2.I'll have to check my records on ebird.I have a 1st year redwing here to. It's a male. (what do they call them 1st year or juvy?). Also 2 male cardinal's 1 is my resident he is not a happy boy with this other one being here. And the yard is full of birds i think more than the last few day's. A new arrival yesturday 2 male cowbirds showed up. Good Eve.

Lisa Dworak

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