[CT Birds] back when numbers

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Mon Mar 19 19:29:09 EDT 2007

From: Paul Carrier

While talking to an old friend, PAUL DESJARDENS about the numbers of birds "Back when", he went
and found in his records, this great birding day.  coincidentally, it was the same year, and only
one week before the one I reported here on this site. 

May 11, 1972 - birding alone, 6 hrs, West Hartford Reservoirs from farmington Ave, north to rt 44.

Blk & white- 33, worm-eating-2, blue-wing-7, tenn-1, nashville-21, parula-46, magnolia-16, 
cap-may-2, BT blue-37, yellow-rump- uncountable, BT green-55, blackburnian-13, chestnut-sided-5,
ovenbird-11, n waterthrush-4, Louisiana w thrush-6, yellow-throat-6, wilson's-1, redstart-19. not
a bad day, yes? 

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