[CT Birds] Ravens nests????

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
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Dave's post reminds me how useful this list should turn out to be for 
gathering specific information. I mentioned in passing shortly after the 
list was up and running that I'd be interested in reports (public or 
private) on raven nest sites in the state. The idea would be eventually to 
publish some kind of summary in The Connecticut Warbler. We've got quite a 
few more people on the list now so I'm going to ask again:

Here are sites I either know of or got recent reports on, in addition to 
Dave Bingham's in Salem (ravens in Salem??? Who'd a thunk it??? Amazing 
change in status). It pays to be circumspect with all reports of nesting 
birds, so general information is fine. Fortunately ravens continue to choose 
pretty inaccessible sites.

West Rock Ridge
Beacon Falls Gorge
West Suffield
Lover's Leap, New Milford
Machimoodus S.P., Moodus
Meriden cliffs
Lantern Hill, Ledyard (I think)
Black Rock S.P., Watertown

There are also some historic sites in the northern tier that I haven't 
visited in a number of years, so I'll wait to hear the latest on them.

Greg Hanisek

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> Ravens are again nest-building in a quarry on Rattlesnake Ledge Road in 
> Salem (raised three young there last year.
> Amazingly, they are putting up with a lot of blasting at the site 
> (illegally being done beyond the current quarry site permit, which is 
> curently being pursued despite a cease and desist order!).
> David Bingham
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