[CT Birds] Fox Sparrow, Eagles, Ducks, banded Geese, keeping records-Salem Farms?

Larry Nichols lvn600 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 21 18:59:45 EDT 2007

>From Larry Nichols:
3/21/06-Portland-There was a few things  I wanted to mention.-A Fox Sparrow 
has showed up in my backyard for the last couple of days. I viewed about 50 
Ring-necked Ducks and a dozen Wood Ducks from The Portland Fireman's Grounds 
yesterday.Today I saw Wood Ducks, Great Blue herons, and a flock of Canada 
Geese in the skating pond at Portland Fairgrounds. Some of the Geese had 
neck collars.
Last year at this time Wilson's Snipe, American Wigeon, and Green-winged 
tail were at the Portland  Fairgrounds.-Salmon River Boat launch has been 
excellent for viewing Eagles and a variety of Ducks for the last couple of 

    Regarding keeping records-I want to keep specific records with numbers 
of birds. I often get caught up in purely enjoying the birding and have a 
difficult time remembering to count birds. I will give it another try.

  Also ,I remember seeing a report about Eastern Meadowlark being seen at 
Salem Farms-Does anyone have directions for that location? Is it open to the 

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