[CT Birds] Osprey, piping plover

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Thu Mar 22 13:34:28 EDT 2007

An osprey was back on top of one of the light poles overlooking the soccer 
field adjacent the Pine Creek marsh in Fairfield this morning, March 22.  
Amazingly (to me) the birds have successfully nested over that active soccer field 
for a number of years. .

A little farther to the East, at Ash Creek which divides Fairfield and 
Bridgeport, the ospreys had not yet arrived. I was told by a pleasant couple there 
that the birds returned to Ash Creek last year on March 24.  

Finally, a piping plover flew onshore at Long Beach in Stratford and landed 
directly in line with  my parked car. I appreciated that kind of consideration. 
Also at Long Beach, a few Bonaparte's gulls flew by offshore, but they were 
headed southwest, rather than up the coast to the northeast. There has been no 
sign, so far, of the large buildup in plankton feeding gulls which has taken 
place in some years at this time. 

Charlie Barnard

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