[CT Birds] Small Fox Sparrow

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 22 18:02:45 EDT 2007

From: Paul Carrier;

Well it's back! This Foxy is again looking noticably smaller than the other Fox Sparrows, being
much closer in size to the Song Sparrow it feeds with then its own kind.

 I looked up in "Sparrows and Buntings" and got some clues.

Av length: 18 cm - but this covers all races.
Refering to Fox Sparrows: "All races are large and stocky." 

note: this small Fox Sp does look a bit stockier than the song, but defenately not longer in tail
or overall length as the other Fox Sparrows do. 

measurements: Northern and Eastern group -(iliaca) 

Max wing male:   92 mm
Min wing female: 81 mm -  thats an 11 mm difference -

Max tail male:    73.9 mm
Min tail female: 66.8 mm - thats a 7 mm difference - 

The question is: can these extream  (within the (iliaca) race)  measurements of a small female
compared to a large male, show a noticable size difference in Fox Sparrows to the human eye? It
sure seems so from my perspective here at my feeder.

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