[CT Birds] Brown Creeper/Fox Sparrow cont.

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 19:02:34 EDT 2007

>From Scott Kruitbosch:
3/22 - Stratford yard - 1 BROWN CREEPER

I also had 2 Fox Sparrows here at 8:30AM and around 6:00PM.

I spotted the Brown Creeper on one of the trees around my feeders at about
5:30PM, the third of the winter for me. It did not try to eat anything
provided and kept foraging on the trees. When I was a young boy, 10-15 years
ago, I would see Brown Creepers on our trees all the time. They were one of
my favorites. We have a row of trees spaced a few feet apart and it would
spiral around them and fly to the next at the bottom, right at my short eye
level. I didn't know they all did this at the time, but it made it easy to
see them whenever I was outside playing. It's the bird I always think of
when I hear about declining species. I'm not missing them; they just aren't
there anymore.

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT
kbosch at gmail.com

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