[CT Birds] Need Help With Duck ID

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Thu Mar 22 20:06:24 EDT 2007

Spent a couple nice hours today at Station 43 in South Windsor enjoying all the ducks:  mallard,blackduck,wooduck,ringnecked,greenwing teal,common and hooded mergs as well as observing the great horned owl and bald eagle on their respective nests.  On the way home to Somers stopped at the Mill Pond in Broad Brook to check out more ducks and saw one in with the mallards that had a green head but a white chest.  Looked in the book to confirm a northern shoveler but a couple things didn't look quite right.  The duck was slightly larger than the mallards (book says they are smaller) had a green head but an orange/yellow bill instead of dark (even with the scope he was pretty far away to see if the bill was really shovel shape) and his body was pretty dark (no sign of rusty sides) with a hint of white perhaps along the wing edges (I didn't see him fly though).  My first thought was he was a hybrid of a mallard and something else because I couldn't quite convince myself he was a shoveler.
Any thoughts anyone?


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