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My visiting Fox Sparrows have all been significantly bigger than the Song 
Sparrow and my other winter regulars (Tree, Field, House). In fact the 
larger size often alerts me to their presence before their characteristic 
feeding pattern. They are rarely at the feeding grounds alone, being wary 
and one of the last birds to "join the crowd." I have never seen them on the 
platform feeder, but only feeding on the ground, most likely on seeds 
scattered under a bushy area. They may even shun the seed if it is too much 
in the open, and stay feeding on natural food on the ground in brushy areas 
(especially under evergreen shrubs like inkberry or laurel while other birds 
gorge on seed nearby. They seem to prefer millet seed.
David Bingham
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> From: Paul Carrier-
> With all the Fox Sparrows being seen here in CT, I just might  find an 
> answer to a question posted
> below from someone who might know:
> I have had 2-3 Fox Sparrows off and on for 2 weeks now below my feeders. 
> Today, one was next to a
> Song Sparrow on the ground, and both birds, being studied closely with 
> eyes and bins, appeared to
> be almost exactly the same size in length and build. Same was true when 
> two Fox Sps were together;
> Their was a very noticeable size difference between the two. Looking up in 
> "Sparrows and Buntings
> - Byers", it is described: "females are slightly smaller in size then 
> males for the Eastern race,"
> but not by so much that it would be noticed except in the hand; and at 
> least not that much to be
> equal to the size of the smaller Song Sparrow species, and their size 
> differences described. I
> personally have never seen this noticable size difference before in the 
> past.
> Any thoughts or comments from banders or others on this?
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