[CT Birds] 3/24 - Black-headed Gull, 2 Little Gulls

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 17:34:11 EDT 2007

People seem not to be reporting good birds on this listserv (which was
one of the reasons it was created in the first place), but there were
some nice small gulls seen today. Here is a summary of the birds I
heard about in the field (while dipping on the longspur). Remember, if
you don't report rarities on CTBirds, there's no way others will find
out about them before dark! If you're out in the field you could
always call someone at a computer to report a rare bird for you. That
way the report gets out to the masses.

Larry Flynn (founder of the Smith's Longspur) found a BLACK-HEADED
GULL yesterday at Southport Beach in Southport, and this bird was
relocated today by Penny Solum, Charlie Barnard, and Dennis Varza.
This is an adult in nearly complete breeding plumage.

Julian Hough found an adult basic-plumaged LITTLE GULL at Oyster River
in West Haven/Milford.

Luke Tiller found an adult basic-plumaged LITTLE GULL at Compo Beach
in Westport.

Bonaparte's Gulls have arrived (along with their rarer relatives) in
numbers. Here are some numbers: 180 at Southport Beach and ~250 in the
Oyster River area.

There is a strategy when looking for these birds. I'll send a post
about this when I have more time later on.

Nick Bonomo
Orange, CT

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