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I also saw the Rough Legged Hawk reported earlier today in Farmington; I saw it further west, near intersection of Rt 4 and Brickyard Rd, soaring over field. This is a life bird for me - very exciting.

Later I also saw several pairs of Hooded Mergansers - so handsome! - on the stream that crosses Tillotson Rd near the intersection with Town Farm Road.

And in the farm fields on Town Farm Road, four tom turkeys were trying to impress 11 hens, who ignored them. The tail feathers of one of the toms were pretty ragged; perhaps there had been an altercation.

Several days ago, all three merganser species were on Batterson Pond. Numerous common, many hooded, one red-breasted.

During migration, Wood Ducks frequent the tiny pond on Diamond Glen Road in Farmington. A few days ago a hermit thrush picked among the muddy grasses there, in and around where three pairs of Wood Ducks and two pairs of Mallards were feeding. Note: no parking on this heavily-traveled road.

When the ice goes out on the Farmington Reservoir (just off Rt 6, near crest of Rattlesnake Mountain), keep an eye out there for Ring-Necked Ducks, Buffleheads, and others. I've seen them there every spring for the past 10 years or so.

I spotted a Northern Harrier dip-swaying across the Meadows in Farmington on Tuesday March 20. (I was not a member of this list till yesterday, else I would have reported it sooner.)

This winter we were plagued by about a half-dozen gluttonous starlings who monopolozed our suet and chased off the smaller less aggressive birds, including the brown creepers who came daily. A very accommodating Cooper's Hawk took care of the starling problem. The young accipiter stayed around for about a week, preying on about one starling each day till they were gone. He caught, plucked, and devoured the birds right in plain sight - very interesting to watch.

Good birding,

Sarah Johnston

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