[CT Birds] Woodcocks

david bingham dbbingham at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 24 23:00:42 EDT 2007

Thanks for the interesting mortality data on Woodcocks. 

I was delighted to hear a display in our field this evening (didn't see it because of the rain). 

It intriques me that Woodcock (and Robins!) have earthworms as a major part of their diet when it turns out that our common earthworms are not necessarily a native species in New England. 

An interview just this past week on "Science Friday" on Nat'l Public Radio reminded me of this evidence that I had heard before from forest ecologists: they are very concerned with the forest effects of earthworms which apparently reduce the humus and release more CO2 into the atmosphere than the normal organisms in the soil.
    Woodcocks thus are important predator of what turns out to be an invasive species, i.e. earthworms. It does make you wonder what they ate as a major food source prior to the invasien of these aliens!

David Bingham

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