[CT Birds] Optimizing the list for getting to "good" birds.

Boletebill boletebill at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 25 16:39:08 EDT 2007

Hi all.
       I know that both Nick and Roy have suggested that birders could really help other birders get good birds by posting what they see as soon as possible and I couldn't agree more.  One reality of weekend birding is that many people go out for the day and don't get back to their computers to post on the list until it's almost dark, or probably too late to get the bird (s) THAT day.
     Today when I was at south cove and saw the BH Gull, Little Gull and Bonnies I was thinking as I left that I should post those birds as soon as I got home.  On my way out I saw two birders with a scope on the BH Gull and one birder was on the phone. It occurred to me that maybe this birder was phoning in a report to the list...what a great idea...and sure enogh when I got home there was the report.  This seems much improved over waiting until we get home to our computers (for those of us not blackberried or text-messaged into perpetual "on-lineness")..sooooo I'm asking the question...do we want to do this??? Phone in sightings??? Who's the "go-to" guy or gal for this?  Is there a way for the not-so-tech-savvy person to do this right to the list? Is there a phone hotline that could be proxy for the list?
                                                                     Bill Yule

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