[CT Birds] Black-crowned night- heron

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Mon Apr 16 12:03:43 EDT 2007

>From Jayne Amico
4/16 -- Southington yard - BLACK -CROWNED NIGHT -HERON in frog pond. I went up to check out the pond this A.M and discovered this beautiful bird wading in the pond, I startled him and he me! and he flew into a nearby Cherry tree. I retreated and watched him from a far and eventually he flew down inot our yard and then walked back up to the pond. My husband thought he walked like a chicken! :))) 

I just returned home and the bird is still here sleeping at the edge of the pond.  I can see him as I type. Is this normal behavior? Anyone regularly watch this species to know the behaviors? As I mentioned with the bittern nothing but frogs in this pond.

After spending saturday at the COA meeting, I was inspired being with my birding friends, and finally sat down and did my yard list.  This heron made my 125th yard bird and was a life bird for me! Too cool!

Jayne Amico/Southington

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