[CT Birds] Surveying WHIP-POOR-WILL'S

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Hi Brian:
There are a few on-line resources that migt be helpful to you:
Includes some methodology:
The CT DEP also has done Whip-Poor-Will surveys and could perhaps share their protocols.   One tricky point is that calling is not necessarily indicative of good breeding territory and may just indicate that a male is still searching for a mate.
Here is a link to instructions and a survey form from the Mass DFW:
The species management abstract from TNC is a bit sparse, but does list some references:
If you care to dig deeper, there was an article discussing moonlight and detection rates in JFO a few years back, but that was likley taken in to account in the development of the Mass and NH survey protocols:
Hope this is a help.
Patrick Comins, Meriden

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	I need to survey an area in Eastern CT for Whip-poor-wills.  There are historical records of them in the area I am surveying.  I know they will be arriving soon but when is the optimal time (dates)  to start looking/listening for them.  Also, do Whip-poor-wills still vocalize once the eggs are laid?  Do they vocalize throughout the summer as well?  Typically what is the best time of day to listen for them?  What conditions do the prefer (full moon, no moon, etc.)?  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
	Brian Kleinman
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