[CT Birds] SOOTY TERN timing

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Mon Apr 16 20:52:05 EDT 2007

Jay Kaplan noted the history of records for this species in Conn. I think there are just a few sight records since the publication of Zeranski & Baptist. The remarkable thing about this record is the April date. Most (although not all) northeastern records are hurricane-related. Thus the records tend to be from July to early October, with most in Aug. and Sept. A quick look through references for CT, Mass, NJ, NY and Pa show 3 June records but nothing earlier except a vague Pennsylvania record of two birds picked up dead in a field "in spring" (no date given) in the late 1800s. I haven't been able to make an exhaustive search, but this (and the R.I. birds noted by Julian) may be the only April records for the northeast. Be interested to know if anyone can turn up any others.

Greg Hanisek

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