[CT Birds] Inland waters -

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 18 11:16:02 EDT 2007

>From Paul & Douglas Carrier:

Scanned some NW corner inland large lakes and reservoirs today in hopes of seeing any wayward
vagrents deposited by latest storm. Most ALL had water at or past high water mark. Colebrook very
high for this time of year, with no birds cept 6 COMMON LOONS. Hogback below, at near peak fill,
had 2 COMMON LOONS, 2 OSPREY with no ducks. 
Barkhamsted was high, with 2 COMMON LOONS, 2 Im BALD EAGLES, and no ducks!
Compensating reservoir below was very high, with no birds at all. Farmington river from Hogback
south was very high, and no birds cept 1 COMMON MERGANSER fighting fast, deep, silty water. 

Question: How do fish eating birds such as Mergansers, find their food in fast silty water?
Not only the overflowing rivers were silty, but some of the reserviors were as well.   

Shorebirds, ducks and swallows were completely absent from these inland areas as were any wayward
vagrents. Of note: it was raining most all the day.

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