[CT Birds] March Chart

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Apr 19 07:29:41 EDT 2007


Enclosed is the March part of the chart

For those who missed the begining
i am providing a relative frequency chart of the birds of mouth of the 
Housatonic River area.  The January and February parts of the chart are 
in the archives. Each month is divided into thirds. For each species a 
frequency is given for each period based upon field notes. This month I 
added something new  for very rare species I added the year it was 

The catagores are as follows
A =50% occurrence or greater
B = 30-50%
C = 15-30%
D = 5-15%
E = 1-5%
X= observed by others
— =not reported

Dennis Varza

  March                                1-10	11-20	21-31
Snow Goose                   	D	D	D
Brant                           	A	A	A
Canada Goose               	A	A	A
Mute Swan                     	A	A	A
Tundra Swan                 	— 	— 	X
Trumpeter Swan            	E	— 	—
Wood Duck                    	C	C	B
Gadwall                         	A	A	A
Eurasian Wigeon            	E	X	E
American Wigeon          	A	A	A
American Black Duck     	A	A	A
Mallard                         	A	A	A
Blue- winged Teal           	— 	X	X
Northern Shoveler         	E	D	D
Northern Pintail             	D	D	D
Green-winged Teal              	B	A	A
Common Teal                     	E	— 	—
Canvasback                   	A	A	C
Redhead                          	E	E	-
Ring-necked Duck             	B	B	B
Greater Scaup               	A	A	A
Lesser Scaup                	B	C	C
Surf Scoter                     	D	D	C
White-winged Scoter         	A	A	A
Black Scoter                 	— 	E	E
Old Squaw                     	A	A	A
Bufflehead                    	A	A	A
Common Goldeneye       	A	A	A
Barrow's Goldeneye       	— 	— 	74
Hooded Merganser         	A	A	A
Common Merganser       	B	B	B
Red-breasted Merganser	A	A	A
Ruddy Duck                   	C	D	D
Ring-necked Pheasant    	C	C	B
Ruffed Grouse               	E	D	D
Wild Turkey                  	D	E	C
Red-throated Loon            	B	A	A
Common Loon               	B	B	B
Pied-billed Grebe           	C	B	B
Horned Grebe                	A	A	A
Red-necked Grebe         	D	D	D
Northern Gannet               	— 	D	D
Double-creasted Cormorant	D	B	B
Great Cormorant               	A	A	A
American Bittern               	E	E	E
Great Blue Heron           	C	B	B
Great Egret                   	— 	D	C
Snowy Egret                  	— 	X	D
Cattle Egret                  	— 	— 	X
Green Heron                  	84	— 	—
Black-crowned Night-Heron	E	D	C
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron	— 	— 	X
Glossy Ibis                       	— 	— 	X
Black Vulture                  	X	E	X
Turkey Vulture              	C	C	B
Osprey                         	— 	— 	C
Bald Eagle                     	E	— 	E
Northern Harrier           	B	C	C
Sharp-shinned Hawk       	D	D	D
Cooper's Hawk              	D	X	D
Northern Goshawk            	X	X	E
Red-Shoulder Hawk           	D	X	D
Red-tailed Hawk             	A	B	B
Rough-legged Hawk        	X	X	X
American Kestrel          	C	C	C
Merlin                           	X	E	E
Gyrfalcon                     	83	83	—
Peregrine Falcon           	E	E	E
Clapper Rail                  	— 	— 	X
Purple Gallinule             	32	— 	—
Americna Coot              	C	C	C
Black-bellied Plover       	C	E	D
Piping Plover                   	X	C	C
Killdeer                            	B	A	A
American Oystercatcher	X	C	C
Greater Yellowlegs         	D	D	B
Lesser Yellowlegs          	E	X	—
Willet                           	— 	— 	X
Spotted Sandpiper           	04	— 	— 	
Ruddy Turnstone           	E	E	E
Red Knot                      	X	— 	—
Sanderling                    	B	C	C
Pectoral Sandpiper        	X	— 	E
Purple Sandpiper               	— 	E	E
Dunlin                               	C	C	C
Wilson's Snipe                     	E	X	E
American Woodcock          	E	D	D
Little Gull                         	— 	E	E
Black-headed Gull               	X	X	D
Bonapart's Gull                 	B	B	A
Laughing Gull                     	— 	— 	X
Ring-billed Gull                  	A	A	A
Herring Gull                   	A	A	A
Iceland Gull                       	D	E	E
Lesser Black-backed Gull	D	D	E
Glaucous Gull                    	E	E	X
Great Black-backed Gull	A	A	A
Common Tern                  	— 	— 	85
Rock Pigeon                    	A	A	A
Morning Dove                  	A	A	A
Monk Parakeet              	A	A	A
Common Barn Owl            	— 	X	E
Eastern Screech Owl        	X	X	E
Great Horned Owl              	— 	— 	X
Snowy Owl                      	E	X	X
Barred Owl                    	X	E	E
Long-eared Owl              	X	X	X
Short-eared Owl            	D	D	E
Northern Saw-whet Owl    	— 	83	—
Belted Kingfisher              	B	B	B
Red-bellied Woodpecker	B	B	B
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker	— 	— 	E
Downy Woodpecker          	A	A	A
Hairy Woodpecker          	C	C	C
Northern Flicker            	B	A	A
Piliated Woodpecker      	D	D	D
Eastern Phoebe              	X	D	B
White-eyed Vireo            	— 	— 	84
Blue Jay                       	A	A	A
American Crow              	A	A	A
Fish Crow                     	A	A	A
Horned Lark                  	B	B	D
Tree Swallow                	X	E	C
Barn Swallow                	— 	69	—
Black-capped Chickadee	A	A	A
Boreal Chickadee          	E	X	E
Tufted Titmouse           	A	A	A
Red-breasted Nuthatch 	E	E	E
White-breasted Nuthatch	A	A	A
Brown Creeper              	D	D	D
Carolina Wren               	B	B	B
Winter Wren                 	E	X	E
Marsh Wren                   	— 	— 	E
Golden-crowned Kinglet  	C	C	B
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    	E	X	D
Eastern Bluebird            	C	C	C
Hermit Thrush               	E	E	E
American Robin             	A	A	A
Gray Catbird                 	E	— 	E
Northern Mockingbird     	A	A	A
Brown Thrasher            	— 	— 	E
European Starling          	A	A	A
American Pipit              	X	E	E
Cedar Waxwing             	D	D	D
Yellow-rumped Warbler   	C	C	C
Pine Warbler                  	— 	— 	E
Eastern Towhee            	E	E	E
American Tree Sparrow 	A	B	B
Chipping Sparrow          	E	E	E
Field Sparrow                	C	C	C
Savannah Sparrow         	C	C	C
Ipswich Sparrow            	E	E	E
Fox Sparrow                  	D	C	C
Song Sparrow                	A	A	A
Swamp Sparrow            	E	E	D
White-throated Sparrow 	A	A	A
White-crowned Sparrow 	E	E	E
Dark-eyed Junco            	A	A	A
Lapland Longspur          	E	— 	E
Snow Bunting                	D	— 	X
Northern Cardinal          	A	A	A
Red-winged Blackbird     	A	A	A
Eastern Meadowlark       	D	D	D
Yellow-headed Blackbird	X	X	X
Rusty Blackbird             	D	D	D
Common Grackle            	A	A	A
Boat-tailed Grackle        	E	E	E
Brown-headed Cowbird   	B	A	A
Purple Finch                  	— 	E	E
House Finch                  	A	A	A
White-winged Crossbill   	82	— 	—
Common Redpoll           	D	E	E
Pine Siskin                    	— 	E	E
American Goldfinch       	A	A	A
Evening Grosbeak          	— 	83	—
House Sparrow              	A	A	A

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