[CT Birds] WF Ibis and Monk Parakeets

CTHiker20 at aol.com CTHiker20 at aol.com
Thu Apr 19 19:44:48 EDT 2007

4/19 Hamo-White-faced Ibis feeding with six Glossy Ibis in the rain pool by  
the campground at about 6:15.
3 Blue wing Teal 
5 Greater Yellowlegs
3 Lesser Yellowlegs
1 Dunlin
5 Short billed Dowichers
1 Wilson Snipe
   The other thing that surprised me was Monk Parakeets at Hamo.I  have never 
seen them there or even heard of anybody having them there for that  matter. 
There were at least 20 birds at four different spots in the  campground.At 
least in the park these birds will be protected.
Aaron Barriger   Meriden

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