[CT Birds] Question Regarding Nesting Birds

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Fri Apr 20 22:12:54 EDT 2007

Good questions, Jan.  I hope it generates some discussion.

This list is new and we haven't gone through a nesting season yet, so
we are still working out where to draw the lines.  Lets try some
examples and see where it takes us.  The guiding rule has to be the
question of whether the birds are placed in jeopardy.  Starting with

Owl nests are out.

Peregrine nests on bridges and skyscrapers are so widely known that
they are not a problem.  A Peregrine nest in a natural location
(cliff face) should not be reported as there are known to be people
who will raid Peregrine nests.

The Bald Eagle nest across from the Connecticut River from the Essex
dock is so widely known that it is no problem.  Other Bald Eagle
nests should generally be kept quiet.

Osprey nests are not a problem.  They are all pretty obvious, mostly
unreachable, and there is no market for Osprey eggs.

Kestrels are more complicated.  Information is very much needed about
Kestrel nesting but I'm not sure how much concern there is about
people learning details.  I would welcome feedback from those with
more background in this one.

Other nesting birds that should probably not be reported in detail
include uncommon marsh birds (bitterns, rails, moorhens).

Rare or uncommon nesting songbirds can generate birding traffic that
can be a problem, so should be avoided.  Otherwise songbirds are
probably not an issue, though details of nest locations is probably
not a good idea.

I'm sure I am missing things.

Thoughts, anyone?

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

--- Jan Collins <jgcollins at cox.net> wrote:

> I am relatively new when it comes to reporting bird sitings and I
> would like 
> a clarification regarding appropriateness of reporting nesting
> birds.  I 
> checked the rules and regulations for reporting and didn't see
> anything 
> specific about nesting birds.  I have noticed several postings
> regarding 
> locations of eagle nests, osprey nests, piping plover nesting
> areas, and 
> peregrine falcon nests, some of these even with webcam internet 
> availability.
> Since nesting season should be in full swing shortly, what is the
> exact 
> protocol for reporting, ie: if a bird is nesting don't report it at
> all or 
> just report it was seen but not that it was nesting?
> Thanks,
> Jan 

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