[CT Birds] Savanah Sparrow fall-out?

Boletebill boletebill at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 21 19:20:49 EDT 2007

Today on the way home I made a few stops, first at neck Rd in Madison and next at the "Rockpile" in Guilford. In Madison I had a group of six Savanah Sparrows and in Guilford about 12-14 more S.S.s.  Seeing these birds today in great light and at this time of year it struck me how extreme the yellow of the eyebrow stripe and even the malar stripe can be in these birds.  It also seems that the cheek patch is golden/yellow/brown.  Maybe it's me but none of the field guides that I've ever used depict Savanahs the way they look right now here in CT.  I know there's a clinal variation through the range of these birds but "our" Savanahs look more dramatically yellow than any painting or photo I have.  These are my thoughts about these beautiful birds today. Nice.
                         Bill Yule

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