[CT Birds] More Thoughts on nesting birds

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sat Apr 21 23:11:26 EDT 2007

Here are my thoughts on nesting birds.

First of all, I can’t think of any nesting species that you can’t get 
easier during migration or winter. So, to disturb a bird to get it for 
your “List” is rather selfish. If one is getting it for one’s town or 
month list, and you already know it is there, what is the point of 
seeing it? Put it down on your list because you could have seen it if 
you really tried, and it is better for the birds.

Discovering nesting birds on your own is another matter. There are 
criteria for determining nesting without actually seeing the nest. 
There have been numerous times I discovered nesting birds and had a 
good idea where the nest was but declined to look for it. Knowing it is 
nesting is all that is necessary. As for looking for nesting birds the 
easiest way is when the young have fledged. The babies are calling, the 
adults are calling, they are easy to find yet they can keep their own 

My concern is the opposite problem of being too secretive. The reason 
given is to protect the birds. The problem is that by keeping them too 
secret we may be overestimating their rarity. Also, It makes it 
difficult to identify trends and patterns that may help the species.

Years ago we had an atlasing project mapping the nesting distribution 
of all species. Perhaps we should set up a nesting registry for the 
rarer species. This way the data could be gathered without the need for 
general decemination, yet available as needed. For general interest an 
end of year summary could be made.

Dennis Varza

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