[CT Birds] Question: Why are Turkey Vultures on Roof top?

designamm at aol.com designamm at aol.com
Sun Apr 22 07:47:13 EDT 2007

I am interested in thoughts and opinions regarding 2 Turkey Vultures I have been observing on a roof top since March 30. Because I think this behavior is a little bizarre and they were still there yesterday I stopped and talked to the neighbor who happened to be out working in her front yard. She told me the birds  have been hanging around since early to mid March . 
The house is on a heavily traveled state road in north central CT and occupied. The birds both adult, are normally seen perched close to a brick chimney and a shiny metal wood stove vent. At least one of the birds is pretty interested in it's reflection. They fly off for short periods of time but return and spend approximately 80% of the day on the roof. 
Is this just a matter of being attracted to the warmth of the chimneys?
An interest in the reflection of stove pipe?
Attraction to odors/scents permeating from home?
Waiting on thermals?
Nothing better to do?
Pictures can be viewed at  http://www.wildshots.net/new.html
Anita Mueller
Enfield, CT
designamm at aol.com
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