[CT Birds] In regards to nesting Yellow-crowned night herons in Stratford......follow up post

Christopher Lovell ctlovell at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 10:54:45 EDT 2007

In follow up to yesterday's post:
Before you think that I am just out to disturb nesting birds and to steal
their eggs and nests you should understand the following.

I posted this report of nesting YHNCs for the following reasons. I didn't
think that disturbing these birds would be a problem since the nest near
the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, (for the past 2 years) is directly above a busy town
street and probrly has 2000+ cars a day pass beneth it as well as dog
walkers,  runners,  bicyclists, ambulances and fire engines.  The other
nesting tree is within 50' of a 24 hour diner in a business district and is
located on the g XXXXXXXXXXXX grounds.  The these particular birds, 3 or 4
pairs last year, tolerated the construction of a carriage house directly
under the tree 2 years ago and still fledged young.

These birds chose these locations in my opinion to avoid avian and mammalian
predators not to avoid the noise, hustle and bustle of humans.  In fact, the
human presence in the vicinity of these particular nests probably helps
fledgling survival due to the reduction of these avaian and mammalian

Maybe I am wrong.  I would love to hear your opinions.

Chris Lovell

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