[CT Birds] reporting Kestrel locations

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My guess is that if boxes are at locations not heavily used by people, 
kestrels will not be likely to abandon a nest once started. They seem fairly 
oblivious to human activity (and may even be attracted by it, if we stir up 
insects like I do at times on my tractor).

On the other hand, if there is a larger hawk (especially a Goshawk or 
Cooper's) nesting nearby, they are likely to move on (or get eaten).

I wonder if part of the ketrel decline locally may be related to the 
increase of both of these larger raptors in CT in recent years as the 
forests mature (almost all CT forests were decimated in the '38 hurricane, 
and it is only in recent decades that we have had large forest blocks worthy 
of the name "mature").

Loss of open grassland, shrubland and wetland habitat over the years has 
undoubtedly also contributed to kestrel decline, but if that were the whole 
story then we would probably not have had such declines even in the open 
areas that persist.


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>I have been following the discussion concerning reporting the location of
> nesting birds with great interest. I am currently in the middle of  a
> project that involves erecting 9 kestrel boxes all in habitat where 
> kestrel
> singles and pairs have been recently seen.  I will be documenting any
> nesting success that may occur through the NDDB.  Since kestrel boxes tend
> to be very visible, to report a pair of kestrels in this forum at location 
> x
> in town y is tantamount to divulging their nesting location. Not reporting
> them at all would deprive others of having the chance to observe-at a
> distance- these magnificent birds. I really don't know which way to go on
> this and would appreciate hearing more from the experts on this
> forum -specifically on the issue of kestrels.  Thanks. Tom Sayers
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