[CT Birds] 5 Warbler species Nehantic State Forest

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 22 12:57:39 EDT 2007

Birding Nehantic State Forest (Lyme Unit) this morning produced 5 species of
warblers, Black-and-white (1), Louisiana Waterthrush (1), Palm (2), Pine
(3), and Yellow-rumped (6). Additionally in NSF were Broad-winged Hawk(1)
and Kestrel (1). I also stopped at Eight Mile River off Rte 82 in Salem,
Palm Warbler (2), and Yellow-rumped Warbler (10). Interestingly all the
Palms were singing today. I was a little surprised to not turn up any
Gnatcatchers in the forest.


Well there's your B&W Greg, let's see if we add your B-t Green before the
day is out!


Dave Provencher

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