[CT Birds] Kestrels nesting disturbence -

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Sun Apr 22 13:31:40 EDT 2007

>From Paul Carrier:

>From my experience, kestrels have little trouble accepting human habitat for their breeding
territory. However:...

Having human traffic near their nesting site when they are choosing one, can be a big problem.
They need time to settle in without interference from, humans, dogs, cats and motor vehicles. 
I would advise letting them get the nest and eggs hatched before doing any disturbance near the
nesting area, and never go near the site (box) unless you are someone who knows and studies
Kestrels doing the checking. 
It is our job to see that all wildlife gets the chance to find a suitable habitat in which to
raise a family. This holds true for all wildlife, for many are loosing ground when it comes to
competing with humans and our lust for developing lands for our own advantage. 

If you build it, they will come - but make sure you honor their privacy by viewing at a distance.

Paul Carrier   

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