[CT Birds] West Suffield & Southwick

Scott Ricker ptbagger at verizon.net
Sun Apr 22 19:18:10 EDT 2007

CTBirders & MassBirders

About 5:30 this afternoon I walked into the tobacco fields off of Babb's Rd
in West Suffield to look for Kestrels'. Struck out on the Kestrels, they
have been in these fields at least the last 3 years I have been checking,
maybe it’s a bit early? I continued walking south until I reached the swamp
where the Great Blue Heron Rookery is.

There were 9 nests with at minimum 7 occupied. Unfortunately the off road
vehicles have encroached quite close to the swamp, within 20-30'. The entire
off road activity that I watched today didn't go to this area but it is
evident that they are using this area often. I also had 2 Field Sparrows and
a single Broad wing Hawk in the tobacco fields. 

Earlier in the afternoon My self & a friend walked down to Goose Pond off of
Rt 168/Congamond Rd. in Southwick to check the progress of the pair of
Osprey that have built a nest on the top of a 150' cell phone tower. Not to
be disappointed they were both in the nest and at one point copulated. The
male then took to the air and started to hunt Goose Pond. He hit the water
six times with success twice. He landed in a dead tree after the first
catch, but then he dropped the fish into the brush trying to get a better
position on his catch. 

Also had a pair of Pine Warblers copulating and a pair of White-breasted
Nuthatches checking out a hole in a tree.

Very nice afternoon!

Scott Ricker
Southwick, MA.


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