[CT Birds] Bluebirds hatched and warblers

recoverywing at cox.net recoverywing at cox.net
Sun Apr 22 20:08:01 EDT 2007

CT Birders,

 I celebrated earth day with the discovery of 4 hatchling bluebirds in the bluebird box this morning, along with a gazzilion wood frog and peeper tadpoles in the pond.

I also actually went birding at Riverbound sanctuary and had palm, pine and yellow warblers along with a hermit thrush.

And to make it a perfect weekend I released 7 more birds back into the population, one of them being a brown thrasher who spent the winter. As I type I am listening to the american toads wonderful trill at the pond. Life is good!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Jayne Amico/Southington

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