[CT Birds] Bluebirds hatched and warblers

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This seems quite amazing to me.  I monitor about 20 boxes and I've never had
anything hatch this early.  In fact, it is rare for me to even have eggs at
this time.  And this year, being so cold in early April, my birds seem to be
delaying their nesting.  Out of the 13 boxes I have checked so far, I have
only found one nest started, and that one looked like an early House Sparrow
nest.  All my other boxes were completely empty (with the exception of 2
unhappy mice in Orange).


John Triana

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CT Birders,

 I celebrated earth day with the discovery of 4 hatchling bluebirds in the
bluebird box this morning, along with a gazzilion wood frog and peeper
tadpoles in the pond.

I also actually went birding at Riverbound sanctuary and had palm, pine and
yellow warblers along with a hermit thrush.

And to make it a perfect weekend I released 7 more birds back into the
population, one of them being a brown thrasher who spent the winter. As I
type I am listening to the american toads wonderful trill at the pond. Life
is good!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Jayne Amico/Southington

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