[CT Birds] Machimoudus Park, Moodus

Pam & Skip Holden p.s.holden at comcast.net
Mon May 14 11:10:25 EDT 2007

5/13/07 - Moodus/East Haddam, Machimoodus Park - Male Orchard Orioles put on quite a show for us.  Can't miss 'em... not far at all from the parking lot, near the closest pond.  Other birds seen were Eastern Kingbird, Eastern Bluebirds, Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, a couple Canada Goose families, and the usual Red-winged Blackbirds, Tree Swallows, Blue Jays, etc.

I sure wish one of you expert birders were with us because we came across a bird that had us dumb-founded.  Normally we're pretty good at identifying birds, even if they're new to our life list, but this one had us stumped.  If we knew our bird songs better, that may have helped, too.  At the top of the trail (High Overlook), sitting and singing in a tree was our mystery bird.  Warbler-like but colors were very different.  About 4.5" long, a dark bird (brown-ish in color) with very dark blue/gray throat and chest.  Brown markings on wings... small yellowish beak, great singer, and very busy, working on the buds in the tree.  We were looking up into the light at this bird, which may have "changed" the true color of it.  Frustrating.

Now that I've bored all of you with a no-info sighting, do any of you know if there is a map of Machimoudus Park?  Thanks to Clay Taylor for telling us about this park.  We don't live far from it at all and I believe it will become a regular spot for us.  And Larry mentioned Yellow-billed Cuckoo's at Machimoodus.  Larry, whereabouts in the park did you see them?

Pam & Skip Holden
Colchester CT

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