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Hi Clay, I have noticed fewer bluebirds at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington.  We  have had quite a good number in the past, but they are noticeably down this spring.  I wrote it off to the fact that the management of the museum mows the meadows at the exact wrong times and alot of flowers and insects don't reappear the following year.  It just gets worse and worse.  But it could be that there is also something more widespread afoot.  I would be very interested to know what others think

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> Hi all - 
> Yesterday morning I was up on a ladder doing some roof repairs, and I heard 
> "Wah"from the sky - something I had just heard many times during the weekend at 
> the World Series of Birding in New Jersey. When I looked up, there were two 
> crows flying above the house, and the front one gave the call again - "Wah". 
> My first thought was a young American Crow, giving that goofy call they do 
> before they get good at "Caw, Caw, Caw...". But I thought it was a bit too 
> early in the season to have fledged crow babies. The second bird was obviously 
> following the first bird, but not closely - like it was "escorting" the first 
> bird out of the area. The front bird then went "Wah - uh", which is the 
> spot-on call for Fish Crow, and just as it was passing behind some intervening 
> treetops, some passerine came up to dive-bomb it. The second crow peeled off, 
> and it was not similarly hassled. 
> Woo-hoo! A new Yard Bird! Last summer I had heard a Fish Crow up in what 
> passes for the center of Moodus, about a mile away from the house, so this 
> sighting was not a total shock, but still a very pleasant surprise. 
> On another matter - a friend of mine that lives about a mile from Colchester 
> center says that for the first time in many years, he has no Eastern Bluebirds 
> in his yard. Normally he has a couple of pairs, and they actively use his nest 
> boxes. He also says that at least a few people he knows in Colchester are 
> reporting the same thing. He wants to know what's up. He's not the type to 
> use pesticides or hire a lawn maintenance company, so I have no good answer for 
> him - my yard has a pair knocking around in it, and while I only saw one pair at 
> Machimoodus SP the other day (where there usually are multiple pairs easily 
> visible) I continue to see them along roadsides, etc. 
> Is anybody else seeing less Bluebirds in their yard / neighborhood this year? 
> If yes, any thoughts on why? 
> Clay Taylor 
> Moodus, CT 
> ctaylor at att.net 
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