[CT Birds] backyard birds - an appreciation [non-technical info!]

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Wed May 16 13:08:48 EDT 2007

Today I'm appreciating:

- The brilliant black of a titmouse's eyes
- The wonderfully comic way the bluejay bobs up and down when it gives its "bell" call
- The watchful way the downy woodpecker waits patiently (2 feet away) when I put out fresh suet
- The endearingly tender* way that the cardinals and bluejays feed each other.
- The flash of Oriole Orange against a Brilliant Blue sky.
- The pure clarity-- oh, like cool water -- of the Oriole's song.
- The velvety black of the Catbird's cap.
- The elegance, variety, and utility of birds' legs and feet.
- The bold beauty of a Flicker's bill.
- The iridescence of a Grackle, and its funny swaggering gait.
- The tenacity* of the female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak as she repeatedly returns to the same honeysuckle bush to select and snap off twigs and carry them off to the next yard, where she is bulding a nest
- The sweetness of the male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak's song as he watches* her work.
- The way the Mourning Doves' wings crack and whistle when they spring up from the deck.
- The bubble-gum pinkness of the Doves' little feet, and their soft "pigeon-toed" walk.
- The distant call of the Veery in the early morning, what my mother used to call "spiraling down a bamboo pipe."
- The curious* chickadees who come over to inspect me, then go off to tell everyone else all about it.
- The scarlet, scarlet SCARLET of the Red-Bellied Woodpecker's head and nape!
- The pugilism of the Robins tussling over property rights.
- The deep blackness of the male House Sparrow's bib now that he's in breeding plumage.

* After the recent posts about anthropomorphizing, I felt freer to add these interpretations!

Sarah Johnston [avoiding "real" work as I watch and listen in the back yard]

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