[CT Birds] Wilson's Plover (not today)

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 17:58:48 EDT 2007

Unfortunately Wilson's Plovers now appears here every decade or two, rather than every few years. It's a bird high on every keen Conn. birder's want list because of its known propensity to show up north of its breeding range as a spring overshoot or sometimes in associaton with hurricanes. 
  The last Connecticut record I'm aware of is from Long Beach, Stratford, on May 3, 1989. At one time this species bred as far north as N.J., but the last known N.J. nesting, at Holgate, was in 1963.
  At the time of publication of Zeranski and Baptist in 1990 there were 18 Conn. records but none since (although the 1989 bird may not be included in the 18). Declines in the southern Atlantic Coast breeding population presumably led to the sharp decrease in reports here.
  Greg Hanisek

"Robert S. White" <robertswhite at comcast.net> wrote:
  I would be interested in help with an ID. This plover was seen at Sandy
Point, West Haven, about halfway out on the sand. It was photographed
with a group of black-bellied plover and several common terns. It was
walking by itself in the sand. I thought at first glance that it was a
piping plover but the pictures suggest Wilson's Plover. I have shown
the picture to several NH Bird Club members and that seems to be the
consensus. The picture was taken on Friday, May 11 in the later

I would be interested if others agree. If it is a Wilson's, how
uncommon is it in CT?

I have posted the pictures on my personal website,
http://www.robertwhitemd.com/RSWWildlife.htm. Scroll down to the bottom
2 birds. Both were digiscoped. The picture on the left is a sharp
closeup. The picture on the right is fuzzy but shows the whole bird in
the sand.

Bob White
robertswhite at comcast.net

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