[CT Birds] Young People and Birds

Hilary Barth hilarybarth at mac.com
Tue Jun 12 23:00:14 EDT 2007

Hello everyone - after seeing the mention of the BioBlitz, this seems 
like a good time to break silence and say hi, as I've been reading for 
a few weeks. I qualify as a Gen-X birder, though I'm far from as 
serious as most folks on this list (strictly backyard observation for 
fun at this point). But I was more serious as a teenager, even to the 
point of getting up every morning before dawn one summer at age 14. I 
don't know anyone my age who's interested in birding, really.

But back to the BioBlitz: one of my students participated and really 
loved it! I'm a faculty member at Wesleyan, and a student who's working 
with me this summer ended up on the BioBlitz team and I think she may 
have been hooked. I wish there were more chances for excursions like 

I have to say that I find the level of dedication on the list 
intimidating! I've forgotten a lot of what I know (I'm always hearing 
calls that I recognize but can no longer match to their corresponding 
birds), and I never go out solely for birding purposes. I do love 
observing all of the yard activity, though. Anyway, it's been nice to 
read about your all of your birding adventures.


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