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It could possibly be nesting.  For many years they were classified as
extirpated, but there have been increasing summer reports in recent
years, which in at least one case was confirmed as a nesting attempt.
One thing to keep an eye out for is whether there is any usnea (old
man's beard) lichens in the area where you had the sighting.  Parulas
use this lichen to build nesting material.   This lichen is quite
susceptible to air pollution and that is thought to be one of the
reasons for the decline of this species in the last Century in our area.
They are found to our north, south and west, but they have pretty much
disappeared from the heart of the megalopolis. 

Patrick Comins.

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While out this morning doing some snake research in East Granby I found
a singing male Northern Parula.  I've never found one this late in the
year ~ potentially breeding or just a late migrant?  I'll have to
monitor this site.  I welcome any input on the breeding status of
N.Parula in the state.

On another note I had a Least Bittern vocalizing in marsh on the East
Granby/Suffield line.

Brian Kleinman

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