[CT Birds] Naugatuck State Forest

REBECCA I HOROWITZ rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 16 09:28:16 EDT 2007

 From Steve Mayo:
6/16 - Naugatuck State Forest -- 1 HOODED WARBLER.  12 total warbler species.

It took some time and hiking (Old Highway and Tobys Mt. trails) but I managed most the 
expected warblers:  Blue-winged, Yellow, Chestnut-sided, BT Green, Pine, Prairie, 
Black and White, Redstart, Worm-eating, Ovenbird, LA Waterthrush, Yellowthroat, 
Hooded.  No sign of the Golden-winged.  

Other observations:  Phoebes nesting ON the side of a huge glacial erratic, only about 
3 feet off the ground.  My dog and I were "attacked" by a very agitated female Baltimore 
Oriole.  I noted a dead female Scalet Tanager with 2 dead nestlings beside her (?!), in the 
middle of State Forest Road.  

Steve Mayo


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