[CT Birds] LAGU, Naug SF

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 16 22:59:22 EDT 2007

>From Frank Mantlik
6/16 Westport, Compo Beach 12:30 - 3 LAUGHING GULLS (1
adult) .
Fairfield, South Pine Creek Beach 7:45pm - 94 LAUGHING
GULLS (15 adult) on sandy flats.  An unusually high
number this early in the summer season.  Perhaps they
got blown across from Long Island by the thunderstorm.

6/14 Naugatuck, Naugatuck State Forest w/ Charlie
Barnard -
12 species of warblers, not counting Hooded, which we
knew were there as well (similar to Steve Mayo's
post); 2 ACADIAN FLYCATCHERS along the forest road;
pair of WINTER WRENS feeding two fledglings on a mossy
log.  We did not make the hike in to try for the
Golden-winged, which I couldn't find back on 5/29.
We went back after dark to listen for Whip-poor-wills,
with no success.
I have had them here many years ago on Big Days.  Has
anyone had them here in recent years?

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