[CT Birds] 6/16 Kent, Stratford

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 17 00:35:08 EDT 2007

>From Tim Antanaitis:
6/16 - Kent, River Rd -- 3 CERULEAN WARBLERS, 4 BLACK 
Kent, Schaghticoke Rd -- 2 male HOODED WARBLERS, 1 
Sharon, the Cornwall Bridge from River Rd -- 20+ CLIFF
SWALLOWS: 12 total nests (10 of these definitely
occupied by a nesting pair) visible from the Sharon
side of the river
Stratford, Long Beach Blvd pond -- 2 BOAT-TAILED
Stratford, Railroad Trail -- 3 MARSH WRENS
Stratford, Access Rd pond -- 2 MARSH WRENS
Stratford, Long Beach -- 1 adult breeding BLACK TERN
5:30pm seen flying close to shore, going first towards
Milford and then five minutes later going back in the
other direction.  I'm guessing it was the same
individual trying to avoid the big storm that
arrived a few minutes later?, 2 YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT
HERONS (7:30pm), 1 BROWN THRASHER (7:30pm)

I made my annual trip to Kent today, although it was
later than usual.  It was good to see all of the
western CT nesters (Parula?).  12 warbler species
between the two roads in Kent.  I couldn't find any
Cliff Swallows under the bridge on River Rd in Kent.
The nests are all broken up and the one I thought that
might have been active had a mud wasp go into it. So I
made my first-ever trip to the Cornwall Bridge.  I
counted the 12 nests, but there's probably more than
that.  I never looked from the other side of the
plus I think the people swimming under the bridge
thought I was spying on them.

Then the shore said, "c'mon down," so I did. That's a
lie.  It didn't really say that, I'm just really tired
after being out all day.

Anyways, the Black Tern was the biggest surprise of
day.  That Tricolored Heron (and all the others that
have ever been in CT) is (are) avoiding me.

It's always a surprise to see exactly what my message
looks like after I hit all of these enters to make it
readable without scrolling all the way across the
horizon.  Is there a trick to making this come out
right?  I tried a little new technique this time, so
we'll see...sorry for the late post

Tim Antanaitis



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