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Dear Donna:

You wrote:

I have been interning at a middle school in Milford and when taking the kids
out for P.E., I haven't been able to help notice the great number of
shorebirds flying over the school - from Snowy and Great Egrets, Glossy
Ibis, and Night Herons.  I asked a fellow classmate if she new of any
locations close by to go birding - she mentioned a spot that, when I Googled
a map, looks to be Beach Avenue.  There also is beach area further down on
Ocean Avenue.  Does anyone know if either of these locations require a
Milford Resident sticker to go?  I do intend on visiting Milford Audubon too
but was curious about these locations my classmate mentioned.

There are a number of decent spots. The best is probably Milford Point. It used to be the best spot in the state, but some shifts in the sand bars and changes in vegetation have changed it, but it is still very good. I should mention that on your way to Milford Point, take the road behind the tennis courts to the boat landing--that can be a productive stop. Silver Sands State Park is good, though best in the fall. You also should swing by Gulf Pond on Gulf St. The Caswell Cove area can have surprises, especially in fall or winter. You don't need a permit for any of these places.

Tides make a big difference. The beaches and sand bars at Milford Point are best on an incoming tide near high tide. Gulf Pond is usually more productive at a lower tide. Gulf Pond used to be the one place in the state where you might see a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. While they sometimes show up at Milford Point or other places, it is still a good place to try. In the evening at Gulf Pond, Silver Sands, or Milford Point you are most likely to see the flights of waders you mentioned. I will direct out-of-state listers to the neighborhood just beyond Gulf Pond as a place to find Monk Parakeets.

Jim Bair

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