[CT Birds] wolf/coyote 8/28

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Coyotes are getting larger and larger in the east.  Turkeys are certainly fair game and there are even reports of them preying on deer.  A wolf would be extremely unlikely and if there was a wolf, it would almost certainly be an escapee.  Wolves are bigger than most people think and can be up to 3' tall at the shoulder and in excess of 120 pounds.


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>From Bev Propen-Orange

I know this is a birding site, but I want to mention that what I thought  was
a beautiful huge gray wolf trotted through my Orange backyard Tuesday
morning, probably heading down the street to Indian River. It was  huge! I called
the DEP wildlife division, and the woman told me that most  likely it was a
coyote.  In CT there are no wolves, but apparently there is  a healthy, large
population of coyotes.  Would a coyote go after wild  turkeys?  Lots of those in
my area too.
It was very cool!

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