[CT Birds] Broad-winged visitor

ernest s harris pdlqlt at mac.com
Thu Aug 30 09:45:45 EDT 2007

 From Ernie Harris:	8/29- c. 4:30-5:00PM a first year BROAD-WINGED HAWK 
roosted in a tall black cherry tree in our front wood to the persistent 
harassment of robins, blue jays, baltimore oriole, cedar waxwings and 
red bellied woodpeckers. This AM c. 7:00 an annoyed robin's voice drew 
me off the deck to the driveway where I saw a similar ( most likely the 
same) BROAD-WINGED HAWK fly from tree-cover to a tall snag where it 
remained til c.8:00 AM, again harassed by many- including: blue jays, 
robins, flicker,titmice, chickadees, ruby-throated hummingbirds and 
downey woodpeckers. All this activity did not seem to quiet the 
backyard activity as would have happened if it had been a 'coop' or 
'sharpie'. Great show!

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