[CT Birds] Bakersville II

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Mon Oct 1 18:42:51 EDT 2007

I had such a good morning at Bakersville swamp,New Hartford, I returned again late at 5:45 to see
what was there. Normally birding this late is not very good, but I gave it a try. I parked the car
by the overgrown cow field and walked towards the swamp. Nothing there cept many Purple finch and
Eastern Bluebirds hawking flys from the dead trees in the swamp. 

As I walked on, just by the roads edge flies up a SORA RAIL!  The first ever for me here. Then i
walk into the woods to the swamp on the wood side and pish. Here I encounter dozens of sparrows,
mostly Swamps, but in time i see all at one time, 3 LINCOLN'S SPARROW! the most I ever saw
together at once here in CT. 

I go back to the car and take one last look, it's getting late and the sun is setting. I spot 1
Palm Warbler, then another, then I notice birds coming in from the woods at the edge of the swamp
into the open sun for a late afternoon snack. In all I counted 12 Palms, 28 Yellow rump warbs, and
an amazing 30 Eastern Phoebe all catching bugs and flies that are illuminated in the air by the
setting sun.

It can be just as rewarding birding the late afternoon as it is in the early morning - yes?
Does anyone else have a late afternoon birding story to tell?

Paul Carrier


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