[CT Birds] LHPP + Jays and Chickadees

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Tue Oct 2 14:16:52 EDT 2007

Today was very interesting  at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven. 
There was a steady North wind at speed 2 for much of the morning,  as 
well as good cloud cover until 9AM, but there were not very many hawks 
migrating. As a matter of fact from 6:45AM to 12:00 noon we only 
counted 30 total hawks.

HOWEVER....... there were many other birds to keep the interest up.....

1,387 Blue Jays,... 137 Cedar Waxwings,... 18 Red-wing Blackbirds,... 
18 Robins,... 4 Common Loons,... and 2 Killdeer put in appearances 
today.  Also this morning, the movement of Black-capped Chickadees 
continues, with 836 being counted. It is quite unusual to see a group 
of 70 or 80 Chickadees flying overhead as high as they get. Come to the 
Park to see the land bird migration. It is fun.

Actual hawks... Osprey 3... Merlin 1, plus 2 in the park all morning, 
Northern Harrier 3... Sharp-shinned Hawk 12... Coopers Hawks 9 ... and 
American Kestrel 2.

Bill Banks
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