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Hi Bev,
If you are referring to the Sunrise Birding bird walk at Collis P.  
Huntington, Redding on Saturday, October 6 at 8 AM led by Luke Tiller - Yes, it  is 
best to register.  Then Luke can get back to you with details about what  you 
need for the walk and where to meet.  More info is online at 
_http://www.sunrisebirding.com/walks.htm_ (http://www.sunrisebirding.com/walks.htm) 

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>From  Bev Propen

Does one have to register for the Collis P.  Huntington,  Redding
Bird walk?  I am hoping to attend, and  hopefully will be  up and out to get 
there on time.  How long  will the walk be?  Does one  need mosquito 
restrooms  available?

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