[CT Birds] Crookhorn visit

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Wed Oct 3 20:52:24 EDT 2007

After the recent discussion of Crookhorn Road in Southbury, I visited this morning and found it very "birdy."

Crookhorn Road is a venerable CT birding spot that has produced LeConte's Sparrow, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Lark Sparrow and Western Kingbird. Some large agricultural fields that were sparrow havens have been converted to ball fields, but there is still plenty of good habitat.

To Get There: At the junction of Rt 6 and Rt 67 in Southbury, go north about a quarter mile on Rt 67 and turn left onto Crookhorn Road. There will be a large horse farm on the right and a farm stand on the left. Just beyond the horse rings is a parking area for a small natural area with a loop trail down to the Pomperaug River and back. When the whole area was a produce farm, this was a pick-your-own raspberry patch. Now it's overgrown and good for birds.

Today I had 1 WILLOW FLYCATCHER, 4 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, 2 PURPLE FINCHES and lots of common stuff including c 100 Chipping Sparrows in there and along the road beyond the patch. The road has grass fields on the left and a long row of large trees on the right that screen a golf course. A walk along the road also produced a lot of birds, and with the Chipping Sparrows the potential for Clay-colored is good. Just about any sparrow could show up there.

If you follow the road to where it loops around the end of the fields, it enters an area with scraggly woods on the right and very messy looking big weed patch on the left. This patch used to be a dump for horse manure and is now heavily grown up with annual weeds. This and the raspberry patch are the best places, but the whole road can be productive.

Greg Hanisek

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