[CT Birds] Yard birds & migrants

Robert J. Bitondi rjbitondi at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 5 19:47:34 EDT 2007

Migrant songbirds are still building in my yard, seen mainly in and around the garden pond (the drought is good for one thing at least).  In the last day or two I've had Swainson's thrush, several BT green warblers, B&W warbler, good numbers of yellow rumps, lots of chickadees and titmice, lots of cedar waxwings, E towhee, yellow bellied sapsucker, red br nuthatch (2), purple finch (5), and the Cooper's hawk who terrorizes the above.  Juncos and white throats are building in numbers and there is still a sizable flock of chipping sparrows.  I'm seeing Swainson's thrush fairly often at the pond, sometimes two, going on a week now, which is interesting since I haven't seen them here before this.

Bob Bitondi

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